Monthly Archive:: December 2013

Ideal Church of Scientology opens in Kaoshiung, Taiwan

The long-awaited Ideal Church of Scientology opened in Kaoshiung, Taiwan on December 7th 2013. This is the nation’s first full-fledged Scientology Church. Before only Scientology Missions, 16 of them, existed in Taiwan to cater to its growing number of Scientologists. Here are some photos of the majestic building where Taiwanese Scientologists will go to achieve […]

Scientology and Buddhism similarities

Scientology and Buddhism share a fundamental belief in that you must look for yourself. This is a concept that widely varies with what is taught in most schools today—that you must learn what Dr. Authority said and be able to repeat it as an absolute truth and abide by it against all odds. L. Ron […]

Will Smith defends Tom Cruise’s Scientology beliefs

Controversy on the beliefs of Scientologists come mainly from an ignorance of what Scientologists believe. In fact, many religions and Scientology have beliefs in common, this includes Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Will Smith, in the video below, says that the ideas of the Bible are 98% the same ideas of Scientology, Hinduism, etc. One of […]

What are some Scientology Beliefs?

What do Scientologists believe? The best way to find out what Scientologists believe is to ask them. However, there are many videos that the Church and its members have produced in order to provide others with information on their beliefs. I am including here a video that explains one of the basic beliefs of Scientology: […]