“Communication is, in fact, the root of marital success from which a strong union can grow.”
—L. Ron Hubbard, “Communication in Marriage” from the Scientology Handbook

Many married couples, of Scientologist faith and not, have been kept together using the knowledge of marriage that they learned through Scientology. The reason this is possible is because there are certain laws of marriage that have been found in Scientology which can enable a person to to live happily with their spouse.

Here is what Emily G. a Scientologist from St. Louis, Missouri had to say about her marriage:
“Scientology saved my marriage. About two years ago my husband sent me a text message. He said he was not happy any more with our life together. I was totally devastated. I went to one of the Ministers at the Church of Scientology and spilled my guts. This Minister jumped in his car and drove out to my house. My home is 45 minutes from the Church. He spoke with my husband for at least an hour. He just really listened to everything my husband had to say. My husband actually had valid reasons why he wasn’t happy. (He was in a career he really hated for one thing.) I realized that I had not been really listening to my husband the way I should. It was this Minister that helped me see it. He was just applying some basic Scientology principles on communication. Two years later my husband is graduating from college. He is looking forward to a exciting new career. L. Ron Hubbard promotes education as a valid form of therapy. (Which is part of why I decided my husband should go back to School.) It has been amazing to see the change in him and our relationship is stronger than ever. I credit the religious counseling and courses I have done at the Church of Scientology with keeping my little family together.”

To find out more about Scientology and Marriage, watch the video below. The video description also gives a link to the Free Scientology Course on Marriage, which I’ve included here for quick access: http://www.scientologycourses.org/courses/marriage/start.html