One of the largest venues and buildings of the Church of Scientology will be opening soon, as announced at the Scientology New Year’s Celebration 2015.

This building represents the need of the Church to host its parishioners for major events. Because the Church is growing at such a rapid rate, it must continually book bigger and bigger venues, such as the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. I’ve been to the several events there and couldn’t even find a good seat because how packed it was. And so, this new building will be the hub of all Major Scientology events with enough space for everyone.

These are some shots of what it looks like at these gatherings (Photos courtesy of www.Scientology.org)



Since long before the Church received Religious Recognition and full tax-exempt status in 1993, the non-profit activities of the church have been ever-growing.

As a Church, we tutor people for free (for example, in places like Inglewood, Harlem), we go into prisons and teach people how to live a crime free and honest life, we hold community events on Human Rights at our churches.

We are expanding to do this at even broader scale.