All are welcome to the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles or any church

“All are welcome” is a common phrase and policy used by every Church of Scientology

Scientology is open to everyone. There are chances that you may have heard that the Church is exclusive or only caters to certain people, but this is patently false. Every Church of Scientology invites new people to come in and see the Church and its facilities or partake in service. New Ideal Churches of Scientology even have very large Public Information Displays that show over 500 videos answering virtually any question a new visitor may have about Scientology.

Some of the misconception that the Church is a closed group stems from slanderous statements that are intended to sway people away from Scientology because of the Church’s stance against psychotropic drugs and psychiatric abuses. Read a full article about the relationship of Scientology and Psychiatry by’s Catherine Beyer here:…beliefs…scien_psych.htm. Vested interests want the common citizen to believe that they are not allowed in the Scientology religion or that it is mysterious because of the testimonies of hundreds of thousands of Scientologists that feel happier because of Scientology. Many Scientologists who previously were on psychotropics or street drugs had no difficulty at all changing their habits. This is a scary fact if your main sources of income come from psychotropics.

Despite all of that, it is true that all are welcome to Scientology Churches.

To find the Scientology Church nearest you, visit the Official Scientology Church locator at: Call or visit a Church near you and you will see that Church staff will welcome you and will answer any questions you may have about Scientology.

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