After Skrillex’s Rolling Stone Cover Story on Issue 1205, rumors surfaced that he is a Scientologist. This is because his adoptive parents, Scott Moore and Francis Moore, are Scientologists and Skrillex took beginning Scientology courses in his early youth. He said that “there’s some fundamentals that were really positive that will always stick with me.” [Source: Issue 1205]

His parents gave him the right to choose whatever life and religious path he wanted. As Skrillex describes his parents “[They] let me do my own journey” and that they are “fucking dope.” When Skrillex was 16 years old, he decided to leave home to go join a band that he connected with via MySpace called From First To Last. His parents supported his decision (Scientologists have an amazing ability to let people do what they want to). How many parents do you know that would support a kid who decides to leave home at 16 to go join a band?

As he was growing up, Skrillex did go to the Church of Scientology San Francisco (now located at 701 Montgomery Street) and made many friends there. He told Rolling Stone “The thing about Scientology is, the people that are in it, that are doing it, are people of good will, man. Those are my homeys. Those are people I grew up with.

So he knows first-hand the kind of people Scientologists are. And while he does not personally ascribe himself to the Church’s beliefs and is not a follower or member, some of Skrillex’s beliefs do resemble Scientology’s core values. Most apparent is that he is generally opposed to drugs. He said in the same Rolling Stone article: “I want people who hear my music to feel like they’re on all these drugs, but they’re not on any drugs.”


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