The hidden gem to find true and factual information about Scientology online is using the website

You will find information straight from the Church of Scientology International about all sorts of subjects you never thought you would find online.

Some examples:

  • When the word “Scientology” was added to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (Spanish dictionary): here
  • An amazing all-inclusive Scientology Photo Gallery with thousands of high-resolution photos of all major Scientology events: here
  • The European Court of Human Rights rules Scientology as a religion: here
  • Embarrassing prank by the Hate Group Anonymous lands Mahoud Samed Almahadin in jail: here (The cop taking this guy to jail said “He’s just a kid. He’s young and he’s dumb.”)
  • The Church of Scientology gains rightful non-profit status in Spain: here

Tips on how to use the website

You can use a special Google Search tool to search ONLY within the website using the search phrase “ KEYWORD” click on the link below to see this in action:

Search for “Dictionary”

Use this to find information that you need on practically any subject, the Scientology News website has thousands of pages that talk about almost every topic about Scientology.