L. Ron Hubbard

The first time that the word Scientology appeared was in an unpublished work by L. Ron Hubbard called Excalibur in 1938. This written work did talk about life and what life was made of. He decided against publishing the book because it did not contain a therapy of how to improve life, but was simply a discussion about life. His observations about life did make him curious to know and discover more.

During his research to find out more L. Ron Hubbard developed a therapy of the mind called Dianetics which was released to the world on May 9th, 1950 as a book. This was a very specific science that dealt with ridding a person of internal pains that cause worries and illnesses in life. And even though the results were broad, such as: people who have received Dianetic therapy have reported to be better parents, be more confident. The subject had very specific application and could be used by anyone. It was indisputably more than “just” theory.

Scientology comes into the picture again after Dianetics. The subject of spiritual matters had been mostly put aside in Dianetics. Mr. Hubbard set aside anything that wasn’t empirical for the subject of Dianetics. There however came a time when many people undergoing therapy would discover their own past lives. Mr. Hubbard continued his research into the life force of an individual. Further research discovered that, with certain procedures, individuals could accomplish exteriorization (they could be separate from the body as a spirit). Scientology was undeniably dealing with the spirit and was properly named a religion.

Much of Mr. Hubbard initial discoveries of the spiritual nature of man occurred in Phoenix, Arizona where he wrote many of his writings on the human spirit.

Nowadays, as there has always been, there is much debate on whether Man really has a soul. In Scientology, one can discover this beyond a doubt for himself and indeed, many have done just that. The religion of Scientology is very new and has become truly worldwide since beginning in the early 1950’s.

In any Church of Scientology, one can discover for himself his spiritual nature. Find out if there is a Church near you or you can take a free online course right from your home about the spiritual nature of Man.

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